Wireless headphones - how to choose?

A huge variety of offers guarantees us access to many hundreds of models of headphones, which are prepared not only for universal use, but also for games or sports activities. All this makes it a good idea to analyze all selection options before making a purchase.

Headphones using wireless content transmission, similarly to portable speakers, guarantee us great freedom of use. We don't have to struggle with the tangle of cables that make everything difficult. What is equally important, thanks to them we are able to send sound from many devices located a few, a dozen or several dozen meters from us.

Of course, not all models of headphones will provide us with such convenience. As it happens in the case of such equipment, we will find better and worse models on the market. If we care about the first ones, we should carefully analyze all the most important parameters that affect both the quality of the generated sound and our comfort.

What kind of headphones? Ears or ears?

First of all, it is worth considering the type of equipment in question. In this case, the choice will depend mainly on the use of the headphones.

If you are looking for a product that will be used for watching movies, listening to music at home, or playing games, you should opt for a hearing model. Why? This is due to its construction. These headphones completely "close" our ears and isolate them from outside sounds. Of course, the level of sound absorption varies, but in the case of good quality headphones we can count on a very high level of comfort, thanks to which we will be able to focus only on music, film or game.

In-ear headphones are designed primarily for mobile use, for example on the move. They are characterized by their small size and lightness, so they are comfortable to use. On the market we can also find docked models, which differ slightly in design and the fact that we put them deeper into the ears.

Users often complain that such devices are very annoying when practicing sports. Continuous movement makes them fall out of the ears, so we still need to improve them. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the device and also on our ears, but if we want more stability, we should aim at wokó³awne models, i.e. equipped with special bands, which keep the headphones in one position.

Bluetooth technology

Until recently, radio and infrared models were available on the market. It was on the basis of these systems that communication took place between them and the device sending the signal. At present, however, this type of devices are rare, while Bluetooth wireless headphones dominate.

This technology provides us, above all, with a stable connection, which can only be disturbed by the existence of a long distance from the transmitting device. The most expensive headphones also support Wi-Fi connection, which is considered by many to be the best. The problem, however, is their high price and the need for continuous access to the network.

When discussing sound technology, it is also worth mentioning the doubts that wireless headphones cause in the gaming environment. We are talking here about the small delays in sound that we are dealing with in the case of lower end models. They are usually small, but in the case of online games they can be decisive. If we hear our opponent too late, our reaction may not be enough to avoid the threat. All this makes it worth deciding on equipment prepared by reliable manufacturers.

Sound parameters

In this way, we move on to a specification that is responsible for the quality of the sound generated. Some people complain that wireless models are not able to reach the level typical for wired devices, but it is worth emphasizing that manufacturers are constantly striving to improve their equipment, so we can easily find headphones that are not only comfortable to use, but also provide high quality sound.

  • Frequency response. This is an extremely important parameter, which informs us about the frequencies of sounds supported by our headphones. The lower values are in low and the upper values are in high. Standard models support bandwidth from 20 to 20,000 Hz, but if you want strong bass or high-pitched sounds, you should opt for more extensive devices.
  • Sensitivity. Expressed in decibels (dB). It determines how loudly headphones are able to play.
  • Impedance. Indicates how much power must be delivered to the headphones to reach the desired volume level. Devices with low impedance will therefore be able to play louder than models with high impedance. It is worth noting, however, that higher impedance guarantees better resistance to noise. It is therefore worth considering what we care more about.

Parameters determining the comfort of using cordless headphones

They, too, are of great importance. First of all, the range of operation of the equipment should be mentioned. The larger it is, the further away it will be able to move to the device that is the source of the sound signal. The best headphones have a range of up to 100 metres.

The maximum working time should also be important for us. The devices in question have batteries, which we have to charge from time to time. It is always worth checking how much time they will be able to work without having to connect them to the power supply.

What else to pay attention to? Players and those who use headphones to communicate with others will certainly pay attention to the presence of a microphone. We should also not forget about all the extras, such as a memory card reader, built-in radio or additional technologies to improve the sound quality.

Properly selected wireless headphones will work in many situations, not only when listening to music. All this makes them really worth taking an interest in.

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