Will chatbots supplant apps?

Overcrowding of information

There are many applications available on the market that cover almost every area of life. Users tired of the number of them, the need to update and problems with memory capacity on mobile devices, more and more often get rid of them. In addition, the willingness to use the application involves downloading and installing it, sometimes registering and logging into the system and learning a new interface. This process results in users who want to save time and resign from downloading mobile applications. In order to obtain information, make a purchase or reservation, they use the bots installed on the websites of the companies and brands, which respond to their needs in an instant way, without the need to log in and move around the website.

Saves time

The growing popularity of chatbots is facilitated by the fact that they run much faster than mobile applications. Nowadays, both consumers and business owners appreciate the fast flow of information, which is not always possible when using the application. The bots on the pages load almost at the same time as the user reacts. On the other hand, it is often necessary to wait a few seconds or even a few minutes to launch an application or a website. The process of searching for a service or product is much faster with the use of a chatbot, and at the same time it is more convenient and, thanks to a clear interface, easier to use. These factors make it more and more popular and appreciated by marketers and consumers.

Chatbots in marketing

Messenger a chatbot

Messenger records 1.5 billion active users worldwide every day, making it one of the most popular apps. In addition, it is constantly evolving - it improves the interface, adds many new options, including those allowing you to purchase items directly at the touch of a button, without having to redirect the user to other sites.

Combining a chatbot with a Messenger gives instant messenger and its brands a significant advantage over a website where the user can stop shopping and never return to it. Chatbot is therefore a bridge for direct contact between the marketer and the consumer, which it verifies via Facebook. This allows you to send personalised messages and notifications of unfinished purchases to consumers.

Nowadays, more and more companies notice the potential of chatbots in efficient communication with customers. Whether it's responsiveness, personalization, increased sales or the integration of the bot with Messenger, brands decide to use them and consumers start using them more often than with mobile apps. Chatbots are undoubtedly becoming the most powerful channel of B2B and B2C communication. Thanks to them, everything contained in numerous mobile applications is "gathered" to a single place where the consumer can access all the necessary information with the help of a chatbot.

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