Why backup data?

In the digital age, data stored on a web server is often one of the most important company resources. Their loss can be very severe. In order to avoid such a situation, it is worth betting on regular data backup.

The protection of data against hypothetical loss may seem unnecessary. In reality, however, the loss of data is not hypothetical at all. Just pay attention to reports about cybercriminals. Many of these cybercriminals make changes to websites using malicious software. In addition, there are also server failures or natural disasters that can affect how the web server works. In this situation, the risk of data loss becomes very real.

What is data backup?

However, the owners of websites and files stored on different servers are not defenceless against cyber-threats. One of the elements of professional protection against attacks and failures should be regular backup. Some service providers offer such solutions.

What is backup?

It's simply a backup of data and files that can be used at any time when the original files are lost or crashing, or when accidental or intentional deletion takes place. Backup can and should be done regardless of what web server is used by the company, whether it is the files of an online store, any website, or other company data (e.g. information about customers, contracts, etc.). Backups can also be made, of course, on computers located directly at the company's headquarters.

Backup types

Backup uneven backup. It is worth being aware of this. How much data and files we protect also really depends only on us. We have a variety of backup options available. For example, we can only copy files and data that have been modified since the last backup (so-called differential backups). You can also back up all your data first, and then back up only new or changed files. Then we talk about full and incremental backup. It is also worth remembering that we can backup the system. In such a situation it is possible to restore the computer system and all its applications.

In the era of growing cyber threats, but also the growing importance of data stored on web servers, regular backup is not overzealous, but a sensible action, which must not be forgotten.

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