Which mobile computer to choose?

Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular and are more and more willingly chosen by both individual users and companies. The offer of mobile computers is wider than you might think, which does not make it any easier to make a choice.

Laptop, notebook or ultrabook?

The range of laptops is wide and adapted to a wide variety of applications. Each type of mobile device will find its users and is perfect for specific activities. Today, the boundary between classic laptops and ultrabooks is slowly blurring as more and more laptops are devices with slender housings and a very lightweight design, but in the case of budget and top-of-the-range equipment, these differences are still clear. Just a few good years ago carrying a laptop with you was a big load. Pregnancy of housing, components, power supply. Today, this type of equipment is much lighter and can be worn in a bag or backpack without much effort. Does it make sense to buy an ultrabook instead of a laptop?

The laptop generally outperforms other mobile devices in terms of parameters. It is not intentionally "slimmed down", but still its weight and dimensions are becoming more and more compact. Laptops, in general, have a higher functionality than other types of mobile devices, and are often more efficient, but this can reflect on the demand for power and faster battery discharge.

If we care about a device that is as light, mobile and functional as possible, an ultrabook seems to be a good choice. They are lightweight, very slim and have a lower energy requirement. The ultrabook includes energy-efficient processors and other components are also not a heavy battery charge, allowing you to use the device fully mobile and comfortable for longer periods of time. Not without significance is also the fact that among ultrabooks you can find good devices at a relatively low price. If our budget is not large, it is worth focusing on models up to 2000 zlotys, and at this price we can easily find a device for individual use and work.

What should I pay attention to when buying a laptop or ultrabook?

Mobile devices that can be found in the market are a highly diversified group of products, in which there are both efficient equipment on which newer games can be successfully launched, as well as budget devices for basic applications. To choose the right one, it is worth focusing on a few key issues.

One of them is the performance of the device, which will depend on the processor used, and more specifically on the number of cores and threads and the level of timing (the higher, the better, but also the higher the demand for energy). Not without significance is also the graphics card. Cheaper laptops and ultrabooks use almost exclusively integrated GPUs, but in higher end models you can find dedicated GPUs, which will always be a more efficient and better solution if you want to use your device for more than just simple office work. An important issue is also the amount of RAM, the SSD and a capacious battery would also be welcome. It is also worth paying attention to technical details, dimensions of the device, offered ports and sockets and the brand. It is definitely not worth to reach for equipment from companies which are notorious in this industry or which are known for their weak devices which break down quickly. If we care about quality, but we don't want to spend a fortune, it's worth looking at Asus laptops and ultrabooks.

Mobile devices are perfect for many everyday applications, at home, at work and on the go. Thanks to the portable design, you can take them with you anywhere and use them for fun or profit wherever you are.

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