What will help you find a stolen phone?

If you are wondering how to find a stolen phone as effectively as possible, you need to know that there are at least a few applications that make the task does not appear to be particularly complicated. One of them is certainly SimGuard, a commercial program created to make life easier for people using BlackBerry devices. The software reacts as soon as the SIM card is replaced, because at this stage an SMS is sent, which is invisible to the thief, and at the same time contains all the data of the new card.

These data are useful for the police, who have a better chance of tracing a thief, but they are also useful if you want to block your mobile phone. However, it turns out that this is not the end of the effectiveness of the solution discussed here, another interesting function, which can be used by its users is to determine where to look for a phone. Interestingly, this function also applies to phones that do not have a satellite connection, although you should expect that the data may turn out to be a bit less precise.

Useful applications

Another software worth adding to the list of useful applications is SmartProtect Mobile Anti Theft Protection Software. This free program has been prepared for people using Windows Mobile phones, and its features are very interesting. The application focuses on blocking the phone, so it can make the device almost worthless from the perspective of a thief. Already after installing the application, you can also indicate its folders, which should be deleted by it, the same can happen to the content of our address book.

Phone location

Theft is a free solution that should not disappoint people using Symbian operating system phones. This time, the blockade starts at the same moment when we send SMS with a pre-determined content. Ultimate Theft Alert is also an interesting solution. The program is paid for, and among its features is the one that allows you to track a thief.

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