What tools besides CAT for a translation agency?

The profession of translator is currently very popular. Until recently, there was a strong demand for English translations in particular. Now, however, there is a strong demand for translations from other, much less popular languages. Translation agencies use a number of tools and specialized programs on a daily basis to streamline their daily work and save time. One of the most popular and necessary tools is, of course, CAT software. What other applications, sources and aids will be useful for a translation agency?

Tools useful for translation agencies

Each translation agency should equip itself with additional tools to support the translation process, especially as some translations are very technical. One of the tools worth investing in is Terminology Coordination Lossary Links, which allows you to search databases of specialist terms. They were collected in over 5 thousand dictionaries and glossaries. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that databases and resources are systematically tested and refreshed. Passwords can be searched for both on the basis of the categories available there, as well as through keywords.

tools for the translation agency

Group work programmes

In a translation agency, the work is sometimes done in groups and the translation of texts is done by more than one person. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to obtain special tools that will allow efficient and, above all, comfortable work in groups for translators. Particularly noteworthy is the web application called Zanata, which can be very helpful in managing the location of the software, as well as in the aforementioned technical translations. Thanks to this tool, the translator can focus on the text and not on the tools or formats that are used to handle it. Groups of translators have the possibility to use the built-in communicator, which allows for efficient communication and streamlines work. What other tools besides CAT for a translation agency?

Another noteworthy tool is Memsource, i.e. software running in the cloud. This tool works as a ™ database, thus enabling efficient work and effective project management. For groups of translators, we also recommend the translation memory platform called WordFast Pro, which allows you to import and export ™ content, even in a demo version.

There are also many interesting translation process management applications on the market in translation agencies.

Website translation tools

Sometimes a translation agency faces the challenge of translating a website. In this case, the problem arises of maintaining the correct formatting, consistent with the original, without interfering with the HTML code. For this purpose, it is worth to use special programs that will help and facilitate this tedious process. Such programs include CatsCradle, which automatically makes changes to the website. Thanks to this, the translator does not have to interfere directly with HTML code - so there is no risk of damaging the structure of the translated website.

In the work of a translator, the quality of the texts provided by the translator is of the utmost importance. The order execution time is also extremely important. In order to be able to take care of both issues, it is worth using special tools that help translation agencies to maintain high quality of service, as well as speed and efficiency.

Each translator should use special dictionaries, including online dictionaries. It is also worth looking at websites that provide a wide range of specialist vocabulary. CAT programs and applications are useful for locating software. They are especially helpful in translating technical documents, in which the consistency and consistency of terms and phrases used is extremely important. If you are wondering which tools, in addition to CAT, are suitable for a translation agency, rely on special programs for group work.

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