What to keep in mind when choosing an antivirus program

Wondering how to choose the best antivirus software? Don't be guided by advertising and price, but consider a number of criteria that will determine whether your computer will be safe. Here is our short guide.


The more, the better? Not always. One of the many mistakes made when buying an antivirus program is taking the "full grazing" option. It is worth comparing software offers on the market beforehand, check their function and think about which ones we will use. We will definitely not need to be able to block content and restrict access to websites if we do not have children. To sum up, avoid antivirus products that come with components that you will not use. Make sure that your antivirus software is clear and specific.

Light antivirus

Select an application that is both good and light at the same time. The antivirus works in the background all the time, monitoring the system's operation in real time. For this he needs computer resources, including memory. The more it consumes, the worse other programs will work. So if you like watching video, playing games or graphics, choose an antivirus that will be both good and light. You will avoid "mulching" the system and "trimming" movies.

These four criteria determine the quality and work culture of an antivirus program. The price, which for many is the only indicator of choice, is actually secondary. If you want to invest well, don't experiment. Buy a proven, effective antivirus program that will ensure the full security of your files!


Many users are convinced that it is sufficient to scan files before viruses we know. This is a mistake. It should not be forgotten that malware is developing almost constantly. Real-time hardware protection is no longer sufficient. It is worthwhile for our software to have additional protective layers. For example, the network protection component may block connections to suspicious sites. Prevent malicious programs from touching our system. An important element of protection is the firewall, or firewall. It will protect our computer against intruders from the network. For parents, a parental control function is recommended, which will prevent the youngest children from accessing inappropriate websites. Large companies and financial institutions should pay attention to protection against ransomware and bankguard. Ransomware or blackmailing software can block access to data on your computer and then demand payment in return for their recovery. Bankguard is a solution offered by GATA. This is the protection of electronic banking against the most common - and not only - malicious software - Trojan horses. Before purchasing, let's check whether our chosen antivirus program will provide us with adequate protection.

Free antiviruses are ok, but the...

Some free antivirus programs effectively protect against viruses. However, you have to reckon with the fact that freeware does not have many features offered by paid applications. Cybercriminals are increasing their arsenal, so it's worth having as many protective mechanisms at hand as possible so as not to lose at the start.

Recommended antivirus

Check if what you want to buy works in practice. On the Internet you will find a lot of comparative antivirus tests. The tests should be carried out by independent laboratories (only these have a value) and not by the manufacturer of the sofa. See what results the software you want to buy achieves in them. Maybe it's worth choosing a comprehensive product from another company? The most popular antiviruses don't always "jump" to the forefront of tests.

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