What has an impact on the decline in the position of the website?

The Internet is currently the most effective medium of company promotion. Most people use it every day, which is why it is worth using the opportunity to reach such a wide audience. The acquisition of potential customers is possible thanks to the high position of the website in the search engine. A page that is not in the top 10 results, because it practically does not exist. According to Google, there are more than 200 different factors that affect the positioning of pages in search results.

Positioning of websites

The ranking of the results displayed when using Google search engine is based on the content of the website, but also on its reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to skillfully take care of the promotion of the website in a wide spectrum in order to bring it to the very top of the results. This process requires constant work and updating of the content because at the same time the competition also undertakes such tasks. Positioning websites, and thus obtaining and maintaining high results, is a constant struggle.

Main reasons for the loss of a party's position

The reasons for the loss of a website's position can be many, but the most common ones are related to the new domain of the website, among others. This is because in the case of a change of address, an inappropriate redirection of the website or even a lack of it often takes place. Usually 301 redirection is used to prevent Google's search engine from treating two URLs as separate pages. Otherwise, it will detect duplicate content as duplicate content, which may lead to a drop in the ranking. The position of the website may also be affected by changes in the internal link structures which may cause the website to malfunction, and thus be removed from the search results.

Excessive optimisation

Contrary to appearances, excessive optimisation can also have the opposite effect. It is wrong to believe that the more keywords on the website, the better. Texts full of key phrases are treated as illegal positioning techniques, which may result in the imposition of a filter on the website or blocking it by Google search engine. The same effects will be caused by conscious Black Hat SEO. In such a case, it will be necessary to withdraw measures that have contributed to the weakening of the site - for example, the renunciation of mass-sourced, poor-quality links.

Other factors related to the weakening of the party's position

Also the keyword in the title has a very big influence on the ranking position. The best results can be achieved when it occurs at the beginning. The presence of a specific phrase in the description will also influence the relationship between the website and the content of a given query in the search engine. The length of the texts will also be significant. The more extensive they are, the better. It is assumed that the optimal number is about 2500 words. You should also pay attention to the links. If you link to thematic pages, you should make sure that it only directs users to sites closely related to the subject matter of the page. The number of links is also important, because if there are too many links, the position of the website in search results will weaken. It is also important that links come from trusted subpages. A higher PageRank indicator will give better results.

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