What computer accessories are worth buying?

The capabilities of a desktop computer can be significantly expanded, but you need to purchase the right devices and components to help you work, learn or while you are on the move.

We equip a desktop computer

Of course, we are talking about various types of accessories and accessories, which can be found in the shop catalogue. Contrary to appearances, their number is really large. We mean not only a properly selected keyboard and mouse, but also elements supporting the work of graphic designers or devices allowing to increase disk space.

Their proper selection will allow us to significantly facilitate the use of a computer - both at the entertainment and professional level.

Which monitor to choose?

Before we move on to smaller equipment and accessories, it is worth stopping for a moment to choose a monitor. Many shoppers underestimate this issue by opting for a device that is simply the right size and will be sold at an affordable price.

The type of monitor largely affects our comfort, as well as our capabilities. Using specialized graphics programs on a 17-inch device that has a TN matrix will simply not be possible. Luminance, colour intensity, contrast - all this will simply prove to be unsuitable. We should therefore pay attention first of all to the technology in which the monitor's matrix was made.

We currently have a number of options to choose from:

  • TN matrix - by far the cheapest solution, used in budget monitors designed for typical home use. This matrix has a low response time, which makes the image smooth, but it suffers from quite narrow viewing angles, as well as problems with bright and dark colours. All this makes these monitors suitable for less demanding customers,
  • MVA matrix - a bit more sophisticated technology, which guarantees good contrast, much wider viewing angles and better color quality. However, it has a slightly weaker response time (5 - 8 ms),
  • PVA matrix - often mounted on monitors for professional use. It is characterized by appropriate lumination, contrast, viewing angle and color quality. As with MVA matrices, there is a problem with relatively low response times,
  • IPS matrix - by far the best of the whole set. Thanks to the changed way of preparation and operation, it has been possible to eliminate the biggest problems that occur in older technologies. IPS monitors will be very useful for gamers, as well as professionals who work with advanced graphics programs.

Of course, the technology of making the matrix is not the only parameter worth paying attention to. It is also necessary to choose the diagonal of the screen according to our needs. In the case of work on advanced design programs, larger screens, at least 21-inch, will be suitable. They will provide sufficient space. Large monitors will also be a good choice for gamers and for watching movies. If we care about good quality, let's also pay attention to resolution - Full HD, 3K and 4K monitors will provide more than good quality.

Graphic tablet

It is a device designed primarily for computer graphic designers who want to prepare high quality projects. Due to the way it works, creating graphics is similar to painting and drawing on a sheet of paper. A special stylus is available.

However, in order to be able to count on the appropriate translation of our activities on the computer screen, we have to buy a tablet of appropriate quality. The market is full of devices whose operation is associated with frequent loss of signal and various types of inaccuracies. When buying, let's pay attention first of all to the resolution of the action. The higher, the better. The same applies to the number of pressure levels.

Mouse & keyboard

Purchase of this set depends on the activities that we perform most often on the computer. When we use the computer primarily for work, we should buy devices that are convenient to use. It can be a keyboard with a wrist rest and a properly profiled mouse.

In the case of keyboards, it is worth deciding on models with a small stroke and soft keys. In addition, we can decide on extras, such as backlighting.

computer accessories

Slightly different features will distinguish accessories for players. When buying a mouse, let's pay attention to the resolution of the mouse - the higher the resolution, the greater the precision of its operation. It is worth deciding on models with adjustable resolution. The mouse itself must also be properly profiled and have a large number of configurable buttons.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, it is worth choosing models with additional keys, as well as additional functions, such as the already mentioned backlight, USB hub or audio connector.

Multifunctional devices

Equipment necessary for pupils and students, but also for working people. It's worth deciding immediately on a "combine harvester" rather than the printer itself - the prices of these devices are often comparable, while multifunctional equipment will not only allow you to print documents, but also copy and scan them. Many of them also have a fax machine.

It is also worth deciding on models that support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules. This allows us to control them wirelessly, for example via mobile devices.


Useful when listening to music, watching movies, or creating various music or film materials. When deciding to buy loudspeakers, we should first check their power. The higher the volume, the louder the equipment will be.

Consider buying a set of at least five speakers and a subwoofer. Thanks to this, we can easily surround ourselves with sounds. You can choose either wired models or models connected via Bluetooth module. The set should be complemented by high quality headphones - especially useful for players.

External drives

Very useful in situations where we store a large number of files or when the disk of our computer is not too large. When buying external devices we should pay attention not only to their capacity, but also to their type.

The cheapest disc models (HDD) we will buy for about 200 PLN (capacity 1 TB) - so they are quite cheap. However, we must bear in mind that they are also distinguished by their high sensitivity to the impact of vibrations and impacts. They have movable parts, so they can easily fail or seriously malfunction. In this respect, solid state drives (SSDs) will prove to be much safer. Their design is based on flash memory, so they are much more resistant.

Their advantages also include the speed of operation, often several times higher than in the case of HDD models. However, on the side of defects it is necessary to save their still high price. For an external SSD with a capacity of 500 GB we will currently pay over 800 PLN.

These are, of course, the most commonly used computer accessories. The list should also include webcams, steering wheels, various mouse pads or gamepads. Much depends on how you want to use your computer. A large number of different types of add-ons will be decided mainly by players and business customers.

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