Weather applications for smartphone users

The ability to quickly check the weather forecast is an extremely useful feature of the Internet, which we can use in many situations. Nowadays, this possibility is also one of the most frequently used features of smartphones - there are already a lot of applications that allow you to quickly check the weather. The leader in this field is Google Play, in which the choice of such applications is really wide. For some companies, offering the opportunity to quickly check the weather forecast is also a great way to advertise their own brand. It is worth to find out if such applications are really useful and if we like to use them ourselves.

Currently, in many new smartphones, the weather forecast for the region in which we are currently in is given automatically. We don't have to install any applications for this purpose - the forecast is simply displayed on the main screen of our device. However, interesting research has been carried out showing how many users install special, separate applications designed for this purpose and at what times we prefer to use them. What is very important, the research gives results concerning not only the downloading of applications, but also their installation on devices and launching - so it shows how many people actually use them.

As a result of the research, an interesting relation between the frequency of using such applications and the time of year appears. The highest range - about 13% - is reached in July, i.e. during the holiday season. We then plan holidays and trips, so we are happy to check the weather forecasts not only for where we live, but also for the regions where we travel. In September this range is already decreasing to 9%. The holidays are coming to an end, and the forecast for the next few days is not so important to us; we are also getting ready for the autumn, which will make the weather more uniform.


The analysis also shows in which hours we prefer to check the weather. In this respect, the results are rather not very different, which tells us that we reach for such applications with the same frequency throughout the day. Slight differences can only be observed in July, when the weather is checked a little more often in the evening than in the morning. The results also show that throughout the year, we are more likely to reach for such applications within working days, and much less frequently at weekends. This is probably due to the fact that we want to know how we should dress the next day for work or school - adjusting our wardrobe to the weather conditions is very important.

Many such weather applications can be found on the web, so the results of the research could not lack a list of the most popular and most willingly used of them. At the top of the list there is the AccuWeather application - it is the application that statistically turns on the most users. In terms of average time for which an application is used by users, the top of the list is Weather Live. It is worth noting that such differences do not necessarily indicate that one application is better than the other. Rather, they show the most important differences between their functionalities - one can only be used for a quick glance at the forecast, the other for viewing more advanced parameters. The high popularity of weather applications shows that the functionality built into the interface of a smartphone is not always fully sufficient for users. It is worthwhile to take a closer look at such applications, as they can actually be very useful when checking the weather forecast.

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