Very good antivirus program for home - how to choose?

A computer is a device in which we collect all important files and documents. We believe that having them on disk, they are 100% safe and there is no risk that could lead to their loss. The computer, however, is only hardware that can break down. Dangers are also waiting for us from the Internet. Viruses, of which there are millions in the network, can attack our device and thus make us a lot of trouble. What is more worrying, however, is that not only can we lose all the data, but above all someone can take possession of them and then the matter becomes even more complicated. That's why every user needs an antivirus program.

The best antivirus and user feedback

If you do not know which antivirus program to choose, use the hints of the Internet users. You will find them on price comparison engines, web forums or social media sites.

Comments are a valuable source of information, especially for those not involved in online safety on a daily basis. Users without censorship score errors and problems in the best antiviruses and indicate their advantages.

Thanks to the feedback from customers, manufacturers can modify their applications so that they work even better and are more effective. It is worth reading more before you choose a particular product.

A very good antivirus program - but also for mobile devices?

More and more often we have to protect not only computers and laptops, but also other mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - from viruses. All the more so as their market share is increasing and users are more and more willing to browse the web with their mobile phones.

The best antivirus protection should also be suitable for installation on your phone. This places new demands on it, such as the burden on the system, the use of resources and unnoticeable background work. Mobile devices are not only exposed to viruses, but also to theft, for example.

Looking around the market, check out the best antivirus to ensure Anti-Theft protection and that its installation does not clog your smartphone's memory. You can save money by purchasing an application from the same manufacturer for all your devices.

Choosing the best antivirus is not always the right choice. Before you spend money, check your program against these five criteria. You can save not only some cash, but also quite a lot of nerves and time in the future.

Popular antivirus software manufacturers and their products

On the market of antivirus software at the moment there are many applications of this type, produced by various companies. The most popular antiviruses today are: Kaspersky Antivirus, Symantec Norton Antivirus, ESET NOD Antivirus, Avast!, BitDefender, Avira AntiVir and Panda Antivirus. Of course, these are not all antivirus programs available on the market. Their prices are different, depending on the license presented. It may concern one or more workstations. The license is assigned to a private person or company, and the price of the antivirus program itself depends on it. The most popular security programs, on the other hand, are the most popular: F-Secure Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, G-Data Internet Security, Norton Internet Security, ESET Smart Security and Panda Internet Security.

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