Use of data backup systems

Time is money and nobody has any doubts about it, but in today's world money is also essential information. Current accounting data or database of important customers is an invaluable value for the company and its loss would be a disaster.

In extreme cases, this could make accounting impossible, paralyse the company and not only lead to its collapse, but also expose the owner to legal consequences. Having the right backup system, i.e. backup systems, is a practical necessity today. But what should it look like in practice?

Backup, archiving and backup

These terms are often used interchangeably, but this is not entirely appropriate. Backup is the real-time backup of the data you are currently using. In the case of archiving, we are dealing with saving data which are not used on an ongoing basis, but which may need to be returned to after some time. It is a solution that usually uses durable but slow media, which makes access to data difficult. Backup is a system that is above both previous, complementary solutions. It simply involves making regular copies of all data and placing them outside the company's system, for example, in the cloud or on servers in another place, which will protect the data in the event of a fire, for example.


Backup systems are always the most important because they protect against accidental data erasure, media damage and similar problems. It is easy to restore all data from them. Backup can be fully automated and occur non stop without the knowledge and participation of the user. Backup can be done in a full, differential or incremental way. Full backup is a copy of all data, differential backup adds only new or changed files to the backup, and incremental backup saves files with a time signature after the last backup. This is the fastest option, but it takes the longest to recover data from it.

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