The best apps to make life easier

More and more of them appear. The choice becomes huge, and the memory of the phone is not always able to carry everything you need. That's why you have to make a choice. We suggest which applications make life easier.

Free movement in the city

This is definitely one of the most important points. Without a good application that determines the routes by public transport, it will tell you where the stop is and where you will get to your destination as soon as possible, it is difficult to move around the city today. Even if you know each other well. What is more, such applications also allow you to buy a ticket for public transport. Fast and comfortable.

Therefore, any application that supports public transport traffic in your city is a must. It is worth installing them at the expense of other programs, if you do not have the latest phone, such as Samsung S9, whose memory parameters allow you to store many data at once.

Take care of your health

Other applications that are worth installing are those that help you to take care of yourself. In this case, everything according to needs. If your problem is that you drink too little water, download an application that reminds you of it every now and then. You can also install one that will motivate you to keep a proper diet - it will save your calories, display a menu and a training plan. Such applications are very useful for shopping - you have a shopping list with you right away, where only healthy products can be found.

A very good solution is to install an application that monitors your daily traffic. This way you can see how many calories you have burned and what else you need to do to achieve your goal. This is the best motivation to get off the tram three stops earlier and take an exercise walk.

Effortless banking and payments

You should also think about your bank's application and setting the possibility of paying by phone. This is a very convenient solution, much more convenient than the need to search for a payment card or ATM. Above all, fast, perfectly fitting into the latest trends and incredible speed of life.

When deciding on applications related to accessing your bank account or credit card, you must be careful. Always log out of the system and protect your phone against malware - viruses have appeared that scan your passwords.

Fit all applications with Samsung S9 - memory parameters

Some applications can be quite "heavy" and take up a lot of RAM. Some of them cannot be transferred to an external memory card, which is why the one built into the phone is so important. Older models cannot boast high memory capacity, but in the case of Samsung S9 smartphone this parameter is really very high. You can buy three types - 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

Each of these options is sufficient to support basic applications. These are small amenities that make everyday life much easier. That is why it is worth investing in a smartphone, on which you will not have to select these more and less important programs.

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