The best applications for drivers

Driver, there is a lot of applications that will help you. Find out what's best to use.

When asked if it is worth to use the application in the car, many would answer that not, because using the phone in the car is not only incompatible with the right, but also dangerous. Meanwhile, there are many applications that will not only be helpful for every driver, but can also significantly increase his safety.

Below we present the 6 most important proposals.

Yanosik - because safety counts

It is commonly believed that Yanosik is a program used only to identify speed cameras and roadside checks. Certainly, this is one of the functions of this application and at the same time the one most frequently used, for which Yanosik is also famous. The application is not without reason called CB radio of the new generation. It includes a number of social functions, which even force a proper driving culture, and thus help to implement good habits. It is also a way to inform other drivers about the danger that awaits them on the road. Not necessarily about roadside checks, but about situations or phenomena on the route that could pose a threat to health or life. Yanosik also informs about the speed limits in force on a given road section and about any obstacles on the route which may affect the smoothness of movement.

Fuelio - how much does it cost me to drive a car?

Owning a car is not only about driving comfort - it's all about operating costs. One of the most basic is undoubtedly the purchase of fuel. The times we have are a period of constant changes in the prices of all fuels, i.e. not only petrol, but also liquid gas. These changes are almost always related to price increases, so it is particularly valuable to be able to monitor fuel consumption costs. Fuelio tells you exactly how much it burns your car, how much it costs to refuel monthly, and what steps you can take to reduce fuel costs. This is what Fuelio has to offer, so you can optimise your budget for filling the tank.

Car application

Fuel Buddha - not only to measure fuel costs

Car operation is not only about fuel costs, but also about the prices of repairs, obligatory inspections, obligatory motor insurance, as well as other, resulting from the given situation. Fuel Buddha, unlike Fuelio, does not focus solely on fuel costs. Allows you to complete data on refueling, as well as all other data related to the operation of the car. Such information will prove to be particularly important during e.g. the sale of a car, when we will be able to present to the buyer how much it will actually take to use a particular car.

Android Auto - the car "on the steroids".

This is an application by Google, which enables the use of smartphones while driving, thanks to the integration of the program with the operating system Android. With Android Auto it is possible to issue voice commands to move around the phone options. The application also includes large, conveniently placed buttons, which can be operated reliably even while driving.

Torque - when something knocks and knocks

Torque is a simple diagnostic application for smartphones based on Android. It connects to the car via the OBD2 service port, which allows you to read errors reported by the computer, which manages the operation of the whole car. The program covers the most basic range of errors, i.e. the most standard errors for all makes and models of passenger cars. Thanks to Torque, it is possible to identify quite typical defects (camshaft shift or particulate filter error) on your own. Connection of the application in the car computer is possible thanks to the microUSB cable or Bluetooth connection.

Waze - nicer, but not better Yanosik

Waze is a nicer equivalent of Yanosik, but in Poland it has not gained much popularity, so its usefulness is rather negligible. Waze offers pretty good car navigation and social features. It provides information on roadside checks and the dangers and obstacles on the route. Its advantage over Yanosik is the interface much better adapted to use in the car.

Each of the above applications for its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best of them depends on what you expect. For those who value security, Yanosik will be the ideal program. During trips abroad he will be perfectly replaced by Waze. Domestic mechanics will appreciate Torque. Fuelio and Fuel Buddy will be of use to the frugal, and those who need their smartphone while driving will certainly benefit from Android Auto.

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