Programs to help you recover your stolen phone

Special programs can help us find a stolen phone. One of them is SimGuard created for people who use BlackBerry devices. After replacing the SIM card, the tool is responsible for sending a text message containing the data of the new card and the IMEI number of the phone you are using. SMS is invisible to the user, but it is very helpful if the police are trying to track down a thief.

It is also useful when you need to block a mobile phone in the network of its operator. Another important feature offered by this software is that it allows you to determine where to look for your phone. If you are dealing with a device that has a GPS receiver, the program sends detailed location data under predefined numbers. Owners of devices that are not equipped with satellite navigation can also count on the approximate place where the phone is located. The programme is of a commercial nature.

Anti Theft Protection Software

SmartProtect Mobile Anti Theft Protection Software is another solution worthy of interest. This time we are dealing with free software, which was created for people using mobile phones equipped with Windows Mobile. The application guarantees that the phone is locked, so we can expect that the device will no longer represent a greater value to the thief. It is not without significance that the program can also delete the folders indicated by us earlier, and even the contents of our address book.

Stolen phone

Of course, the most radical functions should be used in a thoughtful way. Theft is a free program, which owners of Symbian S60 system will enjoy. The application is activated if you receive an SMS with content that has been previously determined by us. Its advantage is also the alarm function.

Ultimate Theft Alert

This in turn is a paid program responding to SIM card replacement. Not only does it allow you to delete your device, but it also allows you to track the thief by sending all the messages he sends and information about the phone calls he makes.

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