Phone tracking - don't be fooled!

An average network user can meet a lot of offers on the network every day, which offer remote tracking of the phone for a specific fee. A lot of people are tempted to make such an offer for various reasons - they want to know what a child does after school, how to find their spouse, brother or sister, but it is also used by employers who want to know what their employees are doing.

There are many possibilities to track your phone remotely over the network, but you always have to take into account whether the company offering its services is fair and whether the offer that is presented to us does not have hidden "hooks".

Phone location - don't believe fraudsters

Very often the offer that we manage to find on the web looks seemingly very innocent and does not give any basis for finding forgery in it. Usually companies offering their services give us the opportunity to track down the phone and its user, which gives us an idea of where it is located or in what direction it is heading. The most important thing is that you only need to enter your phone number and we don't need to share any more information.

Also, the costs of such an offer are not high, usually ranging from 30 to 40 PLN for a one-time service, which we order by sending an sms. the company that presents its services convinces that after sending an sms we will receive after a while information about the location of the phone and all the details that relate to this information. In practice, however, it turns out that very often this service does not work and we cannot do anything about it because it is in accordance with the rules.

Text messengers

How does this happen?

Well, in most of the rules and regulations companies put a small print message that the whole offer is really fun and tracking the phone in such a way is simply not possible. In response you usually receive a text message of a humorous color, which makes us realize that we have just spent money unnecessarily and let the fraudsters get tired.

What to do to avoid such situations?

The whole mechanism of such offers takes advantage of human naivety and ignorance of technological possibilities. It has only one goal - to pull on an expensive text message and give the company an unspecified profit. Before sending a message, let's try to find information about the company and let's not succumb to any advertising slogans. Let's also read the rules and regulations, despite its complexities. Tracking your phone is possible, but not by sending a regular text message, it is more complicated.

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