Mobile applications make it easy to find a job

Mobile technologies make it easier to find a new job. Thanks to applications for candidates, companies can direct profiled job offers to candidates. On the other hand, candidates can manage them conveniently and quickly apply for selected proposals. Mobility is beginning to rule the labour market, according to Work Service experts.

Mobile phone ownership is declared by 75% of Poles, according to last year's Accenture survey ("Igniting Growth in Consumer Technology"). An even higher number is reported by the consulting company PwC, which estimates that 94% of Poles already use mobile phones ("Mobile technologies in modern Poland").

The popularity of the mobile channel is also confirmed by the latest Gemius research, which shows that in March this year the number of Internet users in Poland reached 27.7 million, of which 20.6 million are users using the Internet via mobile devices.

Smartphone owners use many applications to order food, bank transfers, practice sports, search for information. Mobile technologies are also increasingly making it easier to find a job, complementing traditional advertising services and portals.

The basis for applying for a job is still a professional CV, based on the candidate's experience. However, mobile applications increase the chances of finding a job and create a whole spectrum of possibilities: filtering ads and sharing them with friends, locating the employer, the ability to apply within a few minutes and choose additional parameters, for example, the date when an employee will be able to start working in a new position.

Job offers on the phone

Through the mobile application, a candidate who is looking for a job can manage vacancies and check the status of their application, and even contact the recruiter in a chat.

As the Director of IT department in Work Service points out, due to the record low unemployment, the labour market in Poland is changing. There are more job offers than candidates, especially in specialist positions, which strengthens the employee market. This makes job candidates more demanding but less and less active. The mobile channel provides employers with more opportunities to reach them.

According to Work Service expert, mobile technologies will move towards personalization. Companies and companies are already processing huge amounts of data, which concerns not only customers, but also employees. Effective use of this information in the future will allow the employer to send a personalized job offer to a specific candidate for a given position.

Mobile applications are used not only by candidates who are looking for a new job. More and more often they are also needed by employees who want to manage their work through them.

According to the seventh edition of the Labour Market Barometer, which is created cyclically for Work Service, Poles are slowly moving away from the traditional job search model, while the mobile segment, the Internet and social media are gaining more and more popularity. This, in turn, forces greater activity in these channels on both employers and the entire market. The largest HR agency in this part of Europe has launched its own free application, which makes it easier to find an employer or employee. Through it you can keep track of recruitments, receive notifications about new job offers and apply for selected ads.

The application also has the function "my job" for people who are not looking for a new job, but want to manage their employment history. It allows, among other things, to track the status of signed contracts, informs about the transfer of remuneration and allows you to contact a personal advisor who will advise you on career development.

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