Mionix: a mouse that can't hide anything from you

Is it possible to come up with something new and practical in the field of gaming mice? Mionix says so with his new Naos QG mouse: the world's first rodent that uses skin-galvanic sensors.

Naos QG continuously reads the heart rate, speed and distance travelled by the mouse, as well as the number of actions per minute and the sum of all clicks. Some of this information can be displayed using a graphical overlay, compatible with almost any game. You can then save the data and send it to your friends. Additionally, the mouse has an open API code, thanks to which players will be able to create new functions for Naos QG.

For professionals

What are the benefits of this data for the player? The Swedish manufacturer claims that the unique features of the mouse will be used by a whole host of players, starting with those who take tournaments seriously. Naos QG provides an opportunity to gather valuable information, which they still need to work on.

For online creators

Streamers and youtubers are sure to be interested in the new Mionix product. When playing shooters or survival horror games, i.e. titles that deliver a lot of excitement, sharing with friends or fans via stream, YouTube or other social media, can provide a lot of fun for everyone.

Computer mouse

For everyone

Mionix assures, however, that with Naos QG, ordinary users will also have comfort. After all, everyone wants to achieve the best possible results, and thanks to the new mouse from the Swedish manufacturer, they will learn how their disposition is presented in dry numbers. Besides the already mentioned functions, the mouse was designed to be just a good gaming equipment.

New goes

Naos QG is not only skin and galvanic sensors, but also a new optical sensor PMW-3360. According to the manufacturer, this sensor guarantees precise rendering of rodent movements without positive or negative acceleration at a maximum speed of 7.6 m/s.

A mouse that lies well

On the other hand, the shape of the mouse, which remained the same as in previous versions of Naos, did not change. In addition, there are seven programmable buttons, an internal memory that allows you to keep your own settings.

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