Methods of encryption - Part Two

Stream encryption encrypts every character of plain text. At the same time, each character is encrypted separately. This is done by generating an encryption stream character and then converting it, for example, using the XOR function with a data character.

Thanks to this it is not necessary to wait for the whole data block. This is the case when block encryption is used. The most popular streaming encryption nowadays is RC4. Other frequently used streaming codes include A5/1 and A5/2. They are commonly used in mobile telephony. Streaming ciphers also include polyalphabetic and monophabetic ciphers. They are included in historical ciphers.

Encryption type

Supported encryption level: Standard MPPE - 40-bit, 56-bit Strong MPPE - 128-bit IPSec DES - 56-bit IPSec Triple DES - 3DES. Historical encryption had to be developed in such a way that both encryption and decryption by man were possible. This means that they had to be based on really simple operations. Computers used today are much faster to calculate than people. They are also able to break almost any cipher. However, it is possible to indicate ciphers, which can be used by a person without the use of a computer.

They guarantee a really good level of safety. It should be emphasized that a spy grid operating in a foreign country may not have unlimited access to a computer. However, it must still send encrypted information in a secure manner. These ciphers include the one-time pad cipher, the base cipher for short messages and the Solitare cipher, which was described in Neal Stephenson's book "Cryptonomicon". All ciphers listed below are not currently in use. They have only historical value: Enigma; base code; reversible code; Polybiusza chessboard; Gaderypolics; floating-sliding code; numeric code.

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