Logitech CRAFT keyboard with support for more applications!

Logitech, a leading computer peripheral manufacturer, publishes a CRAFT keyboard software update. It concerns the introduction of support for programmes such as, inter alia: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Reader DC for Windows and Preview and Quicktime for Mac.

The SDK (Software Developer Kit) is also available, which allows developers to implement CRAFT keyboard control. This is due to the integration of the program with the device, which gives the potential user immediate access to the Crown, assigned to specific functions in the application.

"Since the premiere, we have received many flattering opinions on the CRAFT keyboard. Nevertheless, we decided to increase its functionality by supporting more applications. This move will allow all users to unleash further layers of creativity. - said Art O'Gnimh, Global Head of Keyboards at Logitech. "From now on, the CRAFT keyboard has a wider application. In addition, we have made the SDK available so that developers of utility programs can make the Crown even more useful for everyone. - concluded Art O'Gnimh.

Support for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC using the CRAFT keyboard allows users to edit photos even faster, without taking their eyes off the screen. A gentle touch on Korona launches a menu with 11 tools for working on a file, for example, for setting saturation, shadows, or shade contrast, without using the sliders. A quick tap changes the tool and the rotation changes its intensity level. The crown is intuitive and easy to use, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness of the tasks performed.

logitech keyboard

The update also allows you to use the Crown in the following applications:

Adobe DC Reader - Windows: zoom, change page, scroll horizontally;

VLC Media Player - Windows: jump forward or backward while watching video, change volume;

Preview - Mac: zoom, change page, scroll horizontally;

Quicktime - Mac: jump forward or backward while watching video, change volume;

Safari - Mac: switching between browser tabs;

Spotify - Mac and Windows: Play and pause music, change song and volume

The Software Developer Kit, dedicated to the CRAFT keyboard, enables application developers to realistically expand the range of capabilities of the device. At the same time it will make their programs easier to use. Application developers now have access to special data such as project guidelines and sample codes to seamlessly create more plugins for the Crown.

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