Locating a mobile phone with the help of GPS.

GPS and phone location

Before developing the topic further, let's start by explaining exactly what GPS is. Global Positioning System, or GPS for short, is a navigation system that allows you to determine the geographical coordinates of a given device with an accuracy of up to a few meters. It is a very complex system, although seemingly simple and uncomplicated for the average user.

It consists of three interconnected segments: the space segment, i.e. the satellite orbiting around our planet, the terrestrial segment, i.e. all control stations that monitor the reception of signals on Earth, and the user's equipment that receives signals. The technology we have now allows us to build a GPS receiver into every mobile phone, so you can use it to easily locate your device anywhere in the world.

Phone position

Sometimes the device does not have a built-in GPS device, but this is not a problem today, because it can be connected through the use of Bluetooth with an external receiver, which can transfer information about geographical data without hindrance. The GPS receiver itself does not transmit the signal beyond our phone, everything works only when you turn on the satellite navigation, which allows you to transfer geographic data. In addition to the satellite connection, we also need appropriate software, which will properly tune all the devices and direct them to the appropriate track, in this case from the receiver through the Internet network to the server, which gives the ability to read them.

How to find a phone with the help of GPS?

There are several ways to track your phone using GPS. It is: locating the phone by means of a built-in GPS receiver or connecting the device to an external receiver which receives the signal, by means of an Internet connection, by means of special telephone applications which are prepared for it, by means of a server which will download data about the phone and by means of a website which will provide us with the current location of the phone.

The GPS signal can be lost if you are in an enclosed room or building. Tracking your phone and privacy Remember that tracking your phone without your knowledge violates your privacy, which is against the law. Every person whose phone is being tracked should give their consent in advance.

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