Legally tracking your phone?

As it turns out, locating cells does not have to be a joke. This service works and can really be used, it has many supporters, because all cell operators have it for us. There are also commercial proposals, which will be based on the use of location service, which will allow friends to track their location thanks to their mobile phones. Nevertheless, you will always have to bear in mind that this will require the consent of the owner. Unless it is a business cell. Then it is the employer who decides that he wants to keep track of this and will have the opportunity to activate it.

Tracking the phone of an employee or child

This is very important for those companies that operate on such a basis that employees drive in the field. These are courier companies, sales representatives or security companies. Mobile networks for parents have a similar offer. The point is that parents can send one text message and very quickly find out where their child is. It will also be possible to check your child's location online, but this will have to be done with his or her consent.

Permanent surveillance

If someone is jealous or very suspicious and finding a phone call will not suffice, you can also think about another solution. Customers want to eavesdrop on conversations and read text messages. It is already possible to buy such a phone for about 2 thousand zlotys. It will look like a regular phone and that's why you can easily give it as a gift and no one will even expect it to be tracked. However, the head of the Association of Polish Detectives stresses quite strongly that preparing eavesdropping is illegal.

Phone locator

If the recording or conversation is acquired in this way, it will not be possible to use it in court anyway. It will be different if we have a detective whose testimony will already be treated as evidence. Besides, such toys that we get are rather of poor quality and we will not be able to afford such decent equipment, because it is a significant expense.

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