Laptop for the office - 14 or 17 inches?

The variety of business devices on offer is so large that customers can choose from models in many configurations. Their biggest dilemma is often not so much the performance of laptops as the diagonality of the screen.

This is because it influences the manner in which they are used. We won't take large devices on the road, and it's also hard to take advantage of their capabilities when they're on our knees. Of course, laptops with a small diagonal screen also have some limitations. All this makes it worth considering in which specific situations both solutions will prove to be the most useful.

14-inch laptop

There are more and more laptops of this type on the market. Their popularity is mainly related to some kind of universality of use. They are neither too small nor too large, so that they can be successfully used both at the desk and on the move.

However, the biggest advantage of 14-inch devices is their low weight. They usually weigh less than 2 kilograms, so carrying them should not cause us any problems. At the same time, their durability is at a high level. You will rarely find 14-inch laptops, which are made of poor quality plastic. This is due to the fact that they are prepared primarily for business customers who value durability.

We should also mention the performance of these laptops, which varies from one laptop to another. If you want to equip yourself with a device that meets all the requirements of office work, we should pay attention primarily to the processor, hard disk and the quality of the matrix workmanship.

In this case, the Dell Vostro 5459 laptop, which is a very good example of how a good business laptop should look like, will be a good reference material. It runs on low voltage Intel CPUs. They belong to the sixth generation (the latest is the seventh), so their performance is at a satisfactory level.

Most importantly, however, the Dell Vostro 5459 is sold in configurations using HDDs and SSDs. This is very important when it allows them to adapt their capabilities to their tasks. HDDs are characterized by large capacity and lower price, while SSD models are much faster and more durable.

How does the matrix look like? In more expensive configurations we are dealing with a device made in IPS technology, working in Full HD resolution and equipped with a matte coating. In short, it is ideal for both stationary and mobile work.

Also note the decent graphics card (GeForce 930M) and up to 8GB of DDR3L-1600 RAM. To sum up, 14-inch laptops will be useful especially if you intend to use them frequently on the move.

17-inch laptop

The biggest advantage of 17-inch over 14-inch devices is the fact that they will guarantee much more comfortable work in advanced design and graphic programs. The additional 3 inches definitely increase the working space, which in the case of such programs is worth its weight in gold.

On the other hand, such laptops will prove useful mainly when working at a desk. Their increased size and often high weight would be a serious obstacle to travel, so they are recommended primarily for quasi-stationary use.

A noteworthy laptop in this category is the HP ProBook 470. It also takes advantage of low voltage sixth generation processors. It is also sold with HDDs, SSDs and hybrid devices (SSHD). Its different versions also differ from each other by the graphics cards used (there are two dedicated and one integrated units to choose from) and RAM memory, whose maximum capacity can be as much as 16 GB.

So it is a laptop in many configuration versions, so we can easily adapt it to the tasks we perform.

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