Integration of XTRF software with Memsource

A high level of competitiveness and profit maximization is the goal of every company, including translation agencies. The translation market is currently developing rapidly, also thanks to modern programs that improve company management and facilitate the translation process. One of them is XTRF, which can be compatible not only with tools such as Trados and Deja Vu, but also enables integration with Memsource.

Which CAT tool should I choose?

With the growing number of translation agencies and freelancers in the industry, the diversity of requirements and needs has also increased - by both employers and clients. The basic condition of a translator's work, however, is the choice of an appropriate CAT tool in relation to the skills and tasks performed. One of the modern platforms that support translators in project implementation at every stage of the project is Memsource. In addition to assistance with translation itself, by creating translation memories and terminology databases, the program also improves order handling, e.g. by preparing an offer for a client and analysing the content of the text to be translated.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence that is built into Memsource technology, design costs can be reduced as the entire translation process is largely automated. Translation by means of a platform is intuitive and can be done on any operating system. The translator can also work offline, because Memsource stores data in the "cloud".

Modern management of a translation agency

Virtual Assistant Translator XTRF is a program that coordinates the management of translation projects. His competences include supporting sales, payment and text translation processes. The program creates databases of current and potential clients, as well as databases of translators and their availability. In this way, the agency can freely select contractors for specific projects and provide its clients not only with the highest quality translations, but also with much faster delivery times. In addition to pricing and payment activities, XTRF also analyses the content of the text to be translated, specifying its language and difficulty level.

How does XTRF enable integration with Memsource?

Full support provided by XTRF in the translation agency is provided by its integration with Memsource. By combining these two systems, translators can collaborate with their employers by accessing wi-fi from anywhere and doing their work remotely. Translators can also create text templates in Memsource and then add them to the XTRF system to streamline the organization of company-wide tasks. The settings made in Memsource, such as translation domain or client, will be recognized by XTRF, which will select the appropriate output text template.

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