Information security and data exchange platforms

Encryption is not a highly complex operation, but if we lack some technical knowledge, it can be a challenge. So if you want to work safely on one document, it may be a good idea to give up e-mail and then replace it with a data exchange platform such as OneDrive. Such platforms not only enable intuitive and simple file placement, but also their use thanks to the most popular editors.

We can also determine ourselves who, apart from us, can use the document we are working on. If we believe that working on this kind of platform is an interesting solution, we should first clearly define and then also write in security policy the rules on how file sharing will take place. It is also worth remembering that providing a link to a file often turns out to be quite dangerous, so it is worth thinking about giving up such a practice and replacing it by giving access only to a specific person.

Security of the Annexes

Sending attachments always requires from us a certain amount of trust to their recipient, because we assume that they will not be distributed without our knowledge or explicit consent. This is not a comfortable situation, especially as it often turns out that a message with such an attachment does not reach the person who should have received it. It is worth mentioning here a gateway characterizing the so-called cloud office packets, because if immediately after sending, we realize that we made a mistake, we have the ability to withdraw the message.

Security in the cloud

Communicators and data security

In our daily work we often use instant messengers and it's not surprising that they allow for direct and at the same time extremely fast exchange of information.

Secure messenger - rules of use

Unfortunately, instant messengers also have drawbacks, as it turns out in the workplace that they are used not only to transmit key information, but also to spread rumours. This is well known to fraudsters, who are able to use this route to get really interesting information. It turns out to be a good idea to use business communicators rather than consumer ones.

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