Information security and data exchange platforms Part II

Encryption is not difficult, but it can be a bit cumbersome, especially for non-technical workers. Therefore, it is worth using specially prepared data exchange platforms for secure work on documents. In such platforms, security is indeed at a high level, and that will be important. It will be possible to protect these valuable data in an effective way. If we decide to work on such platforms, it will be worth placing files there with the help of modern, well-known editors and determine who will have access to them. If we work on such a platform, even though it is well done, we are not exempt from thinking.

Security of the Annexes

When sending an attachment, one should trust that it will not be further distributed without our consent or knowledge. It will not be comfortable, and it is always such that this attachment may end up in the wrong person, not advisable. That is why it is worth looking for such elements that will secure attachments, so that thanks to them it is possible to effectively limit the number of authorized recipients to track such messages.

Communicators and data security

Instant messengers give us the ability to quickly exchange information with customers or between employees. You can check if someone will be at your desk or make a voice call. Suitable cameras also allow for comfortable conference calls.

Data security

Secure messenger - rules of use

It is worth taking into account that employees use instant messaging to send everything and not only important documents for the company. Fraudsters also know it and therefore they can overhear the information that will be exchanged. That is why certain safeguards must be applied. We choose to work in a company such a communicator, which has a typical business character, because there these security measures will be more important and encryption will be more effective.

We require one communicator to be used by all persons in the company. In addition, we also specify what cannot be sent by instant messengers. If we allow employees to install consumer communicators, they will need to learn their safety rules. Connections to known persons only or mandatory cameras only.

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