Hybrid keyboard from Ravcore - mechanical gaming switches and membrane for everyday use

Ravcore Hybrid keyboard combines mechanical precision and durability with quiet and pleasant operation of membrane models. In Ravcore's new proposal, the QWER ASDF section and directional keys are mounted on mechanical switches, while the rest of the keyboard is membrane. This is a perfect solution for those who need a solution that works well in games as well as on a daily basis. Players will also appreciate programmable keys, macros and anti-ghosting technology.

Mechanical Kailh Blue switches in the directional keys and QWER ASDF section provide longer life (up to 10 million clicks) and durability. Programmable buttons and aesthetic and easy to use software allow you to assign functions to individual keys and set macros according to your individual preferences. With anti-ghosting technology on the Hybrid keyboard, up to 19 keys can be pressed simultaneously, and the computer will still register them all.

Mechanical keyboard

Ravcore Hybrid also offers multi-colour backlighting for the entire keyboard and additional backlighting for the QWER ASDF section and directional keys. This ensures better readability and ease of use also during games in the dark. Hybrid is also an ergonomic shape, solid casing with metal elements and palm rests, thanks to which even the longest gameplay will be comfortable.

The Ravcore Hybrid keyboard is now available for purchase. All Ravcore products, once registered on ravcore.com, are covered by an extended door-to-door warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase - all inconveniences and costs associated with service are taken care of by the manufacturer. Just report a potential problem and Ravcore will take care of the rest.

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