How to use the computer safely in the company - part two

In the previous article we presented how to create company e-mails. We also emphasized the fact of copyright. We have given some advice on how to handle passwords.

We also stressed how important it is to leave your personal belongings outside the office. In this article we will focus on further important factors, compliance with which will significantly reduce the risks.

A computer in a company - how to archive company data

The methods used for archiving documents are always selected in terms of the profile of the company's activity and its size. Effective data backup in a company that has a local IT department is not something an average employee should worry about. In this case, the individual devices are usually connected to the network. All corporate materials and documents are stored on network drives, which are really well protected.

However, there are companies in which the employee has to think on his or her own about appropriate security measures. Losing files can be associated with losing not only time, but also huge expenses. A good solution is to obtain external memory. For this purpose, you can bet on optical discs. These include plates: CD, DVD, Blu-Ray. They are really durable, which means that the data can be stored on them for up to several years. When buying CDs, however, it is important to pay attention to the brand and whether or not a box is included with the CD. These envelopes accumulate dust and moisture much faster on their surface. In addition, they are much more prone to scratches.

Today's optical media does not cost a lot. At the same time, it is important to remember to burn documents to the next disc only when the first signs of use appear, which include fingerprints and tiny scratches. When deciding to keep records in the office, it is necessary to segregate them according to specific categories. This can be done thematically or alphabetically.

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