How to protect your company's data against loss?

Data protection is becoming an increasingly important task in every company, as its importance for the operation of an individual, regardless of its type, is growing. It is fortunately not difficult to protect data against loss and, when common sense is combined with new technologies, it can be a convenient and simple task for any entity.

Secured data - backups

In small and medium-sized companies, data backups are the most important. They are created so that the destruction of a computer or its loss does not cause an irreversible loss of knowledge. Such a mechanism is effective and inexpensive if copies are made regularly. It is also worth doing so to protect yourself from employees who deliberately or inattentionally take data, stealers or destroy it by computer viruses.

Loss of data with the employee

An important element of data loss is their disappearance together with the employee who leaves the company. 1 to 4 employees change jobs and take all their data. The vast majority of them take their documents and are also convinced that they have a full right to do so, because the company does not have any policy prohibiting it.

How to back up

Data protection is based on backups. It is best to create them often and automatically. This enables a number of specialized free and commercial programs. The most important data should be stored in at least 2 places.

Data storage

Information security in e-mail

When data is sent by email, we lose control over it. This can be prevented by using cryptography, i.e. learning about data encryption. Data can be secured by encrypting them with a key for a specific recipient, electronic signatures can be used, and asymmetric keys can be used to write and read messages. All these mechanisms can be easily implemented by the company's IT department.

Encryption keys

Encrypting a message with an appropriate key is a very effective operation, but it requires knowledge of the key and appropriate encryption tools at both ends of the communication mechanism. However, these are not difficult to meet the requirements, as you can use free encryption programs, special mechanisms available in e-mail clients, as well as special cryptology solutions available in operating systems and commercial tools of third parties.

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Valuable data is worth protecting. Everyone who had to reclaim them at least once knows it. However, one of the best and most convenient ways to protect them is to backup, i.e. backup security. A good data backup software allows you to get out of the worst-case crisis situation without compromising it, as well as recovering a single deleted file. NAKIVO Backup & Replication NAKIVO...