How to choose an antivirus for your company?

Is it any sense to spend money on antivirus for the company? Maybe it's enough if I don't visit suspicious sites and catch an infection?

It is definitely worth protecting your company with appropriate antivirus software. Lack of an effective antivirus program in the company may result in serious consequences: from losing sensitive data to cleaning the computer (deleting all files). The costs of such events go to hundreds of thousands and many IT administrators cause headaches. Therefore, it is not worth risking, saving on protection. But what to choose to ensure your safety?

What does antivirus software provide for businesses?

The best, paid antivirus programs for companies combine many complementary functions. As a result, they are comprehensive solutions, thanks to which only one product is needed to fully protect entire virtual environments. Effective antivirus for companies, as part of the basic protection provides security among others:

mail server and files - antivirus software for companies provides multi-level protection, e.g. by blocking messages that carry viruses, ensuring optimal privacy of e-mail correspondence, or scanning files for infections,
privacy and browser - among other things, by preventing spyware from being installed after entering an infected website,
computers - preventing break-ins by using a firewall,
online payments - protecting all transactions and data used during the operation.

Flexible network security system

Anti-virus programs for companies offered by reputable manufacturers, such as Bitdefender or Eset, also give you the opportunity to customize the scope of protection to the needs of your business. The ability to administer remote and automatic modification of security parameters on all devices is also a convenience for security management.

Advanced antiviruses for companies also provide the ability to efficiently manage the protection of large businesses and enterprises with an extensive IT infrastructure. The software enables access to the administrative console, from which the IT specialist or administrator manages the entire system of protection of all devices - from one computer.

How to choose an antivirus for a small business?

Small companies usually do not have extensive expectations of an antivirus. Shop, own business or e-business are often run with one computer and phone.

A commercial version with a license for one (or several) workstation is all that is needed to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the company.

The basic selection criterion should be the functions offered by the antivirus for companies. The most effective must provide protection for mailbox, server, browser (protection against malicious code on websites) and have an anti-rootkit module. Recommended antiviruses often also have an improved firewall, stopping hacker attempts to take control of the computer.

Equally important is the effectiveness and low number of false alarms. The best paid antivirus programs can detect up to 99.9% of malicious attacks, which translates into the security of everyday computer use. The less "mistakes" of the antivirus, the better for the user!

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