How to choose a computer?

It is hard to imagine work, entertainment and even searching for various information without access to a computer. These devices accompany us every day and perform both entertainment functions as well as being a tool for work. How to choose a computer? What to follow?

Desktop or mobile computer - what to choose?

Although until recently the leading desktop computers were in the lead, the growing popularity of mobile devices has been observed for years and this is hardly surprising. More and more people value mobility and the ability to take the device on a journey, to the city, to the university or to meet the customer. Despite the convenience of laptops and ultrabooks, desktops are still very popular. Both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. What to choose?

If you plan to use the computer only at home or office and want to use it at a low price, then a desktop computer may be the best solution. PCs are a bit cheaper than laptops with similar parameters, and if they are to be used in one place, there is no point in choosing mobile devices.

If, on the other hand, the device is to be used for a variety of activities, not necessarily for advanced graphics and games, at home and away from home, then the obvious choice is the laptop.


The offer of ready-made desktop computers and PC components is huge. These are subassemblies and ready-made sets, among which you can find equipment for office, multimedia and professional design, animation or games. The offer is so wide that many people may have difficulty in choosing the optimal PC components. If the nuances and differences between the different types of processors, graphics cards and RAM are alien to us, it is worth to rely on the purchase of a ready-made configuration or look at the purchase guide on this subject, in which we will find a lot of useful information.

Budgetary or upgradeable desktop computer

If you look for a high-performance PC that can be used for any type of activity, you may find that its purchase far exceeds our budget. A way out of this situation may be to spread the purchase over installments, purchase a computer in a slightly weaker configuration or reach only for those components that are necessary and expand the set in the future.

  • If you don't want to use the most powerful GPU right away, you can bet on using graphics integrated with the CPU (then choose the right processor), and you can buy a graphics card if there is a good price offer.
  • If you don't need to have a very large disk space right away, you can buy one disk, and buy another one or more later. This saves a lot with SSDs, which are more expensive than conventional hard drives.
  • If this is not an obstacle, we can buy RAM with a base capacity (for example, 8 GB) at the beginning, and then buy another memory.

Gaming computer

Gaming computers are not cheap configurations and it is certainly not worth saving too much on them, because it will soon turn out that the selected equipment will serve only less demanding productions.

You can configure your gaming computer yourself if you know exactly what you want, but you can also reach for ready-made gaming computers. A ready-made gaming computer has compatible, well-chosen components, which makes it fully utilize its potential. If we reach for individual components, there is a risk that they will fit together in terms of connectors and technology, but will not be fully utilized (too weak a processor for a graphics card that is too strong and vice versa, a common case that affects the overall performance of the computer in games).

Buying a computer is a big expense, especially when it comes to a gaming computer or for professional graphic and design work. It is worth comparing the prices of individual solutions in order to choose the optimal equipment at a reasonable price.

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