How does data encryption work?

Data encryption currently uses the best computers on the market. However, the purpose here has not changed. It is still about making sure that the cipher is prepared in such a way that nobody can read the message except for its proper recipient.

Key and encryption algorithm

If you want to encrypt, you will need a key that corresponds to the encryption algorithm. Keys are used in such a way that their complexity is appropriate.

Private key method

When sending encrypted data, there will be a problem with sharing the key. That's why there are different solutions so that the key can actually be handed over, but without revealing the code. It will be practically impossible to use a private key, because it will not be possible to establish encryption rules beforehand.

Therefore, something like a public key will be used so that encryption can really be used effectively. The broadcaster and the recipient have a pair of private and public keys, which are linked. The private key is known to the owner.

Data storage

Public key of the recipient

The message is encrypted with a private key and then the cipher with a public key. The private key method appeared in the 70's of the past century by using 56 bits, so it gives you about 70 billiards of combinations. However, as we know, the activities on the electronic market started to change and this, of course, made it necessary to have more computing power in order to really expect that this cipher will be good and secure data.

A total of 256 bits are currently used and this gives us 339,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 combinations. 339 quadrilliards. At the same time, it becomes impossible to check this harvest in a short period of time. In addition to the reliability of the cipher, encryption time is also important. It will be a good idea to ensure that this coding is carried out quite efficiently, without any major time constraints.

Encryption machine

If we use modern devices, we will also use encryption, which is implemented, among other things, when it comes to Internet banking. We have several of these elements that are directly related to this and must be taken into account.

Encryption and data confidentiality

People who are very sensitive to data confidentiality can use encryption when shopping or logging into a bank. However, it is possible to reach for such solutions, in which we will extend this encryption.

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