Finance on holidays - what applications are worth downloading?

When we are on holiday, we often pay less attention to controlling the budget. Contrary to appearances, controlling expenditure does not require much time and effort. Mobile applications presented on the infographics will help us in this process.

Martens, dirhems and yenes

Going abroad, especially outside the Eurozone, involves the need to convert the value of foreign currencies. If this is the case, you may want to use currency conversions downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

For iOS, the Currency Converter application works, in which world currencies are updated daily. You can use it even without access to the Internet. A similar application, but for Android devices is Courses Currency - Calculator. In addition to the calculator you will also find there a chart of exchange rates. This application also works offline.

Once you have calculated the amount you need, it will be worth looking for the nearest ATM from which you can withdraw cash. The mobile application will also help us in this regard. Both Android and iOS users can use ATM Locator application, which will show the way to the nearest ATM in detail.

Useful applications on vacation

Holiday souvenirs

When preparing for your trip, it's a good idea to create a list of things you need to take with you. Creating a shopping list on a piece of paper can be tedious - it's easy to forget to take the card from home or lose it along the way. However, we usually carry the phone with us. The Android Shopping List application allows you to save the necessary products in the Polish language. And the Listonic application for iOS and Android also contains current promotions and allows you to share your list, for example, with other family members.

While already on vacation, it is worth remembering not to overspend. Nobody wants to be unpleasantly surprised by their account balance after returning from holiday. Controlling money makes it possible: MoneyZoom for iOS and Phibi Lite for Android. Additionally, it is worth downloading the Idealo application - available in both systems, with the help of which we can compare product prices and find attractive offers.

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