Discover affordable Bluetooth speakers

Although Bluetooth speakers are still new to the market, we can hear more and more about the fact that we do not have to spend an impressive amount of money if we want to buy them. So if we can spend 600 zlotys on this purchase, we can also be sure that we will encounter many high quality solutions. Of course, much depends on which solutions are considered the most attractive by the buyer himself. If what counts for him is, first of all, a specific power and top sound, it is worth thinking about a bit more serious investment and spend on the purchase of 1200 zlotys.

So what solutions can be found if we want to fall within the above price range? First of all, we should consider the JBL Charge 3 model, which is original, if only because we are dealing with a unique combination of a loudspeaker and a power bank. If the loudspeaker is away from the wall outlet, music lovers can count on its trouble-free operation for up to 30 hours. What's more, the loudspeaker can be used as a replacement for.... a charger!

The purchase of this model is often determined by an interesting design. Many people claim that JBL Charge 3 still resembles a large can, but the can is now convex and covered with material, so we are making good progress. The loudspeaker is quite heavy, but objectively it has to be admitted that a weight of 800 grams can be considered decent. This is especially important when you are considering taking a loudspeaker on the road. Of course, one cannot fail to mention the wording itself. Compared to the previous model, it is more balanced, has a higher resolution and an advantage of universality. If you are interested in reliable speakers, you should not ignore the proposal prepared by Sony.

Wireless speaker

Sony SRS-XB40 arouses a lot of recognition, and the people who had to deal with it admit that we are talking about a truly party solution. The loudspeaker has not only a power bank, but also an NFC sensor, as well as an extensive control panel. We must not forget his working time. It can play music even 24 hours a day without charging, which makes it perfect for even the most crazy parties. The grille has a backlit trim, and the speakers themselves have been equipped with additional white LEDs, so we are dealing with a solution that is also interesting due to its interesting design. The backlight itself can also be successfully controlled from the application, although it is also possible to configure it live. The sound is also at a high level, which is appreciated especially when analyzing the quality of bass in subsequent tracks. JBL Xtreme is a loudspeaker whose shape resembles an elongated barrel, and it has additional protection in the form of a material that protects the loudspeaker from flooding. Unfortunately, the weight is a disadvantage here, because we are dealing with a loudspeaker weighing more than two kilograms. Its battery makes it possible to count on up to 15 hours of playing without charging.

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