Data encryption - Android

Security encryption

System security on Android devices gives us the ability to protect our data and close them from people who have in the possession of our equipment. But how to secure ourselves if we are attacked differently. The solution will be data encryption. Just as modern encryption solutions were used in military interviews years ago, so options are now being introduced to protect our data from being read by other people who do not have a key to our code. Today we have just a fight against a programmer, who can attack us.

Computational clouds

It is a convenient solution that will make it easier to access files, but at the same time it will be dangerous, because a good IT specialist will be able to cope with these protections and in fact our data may be endangered, so it seems that it will be good to somehow protect yourself also in an additional way.

Data encryption

Android in newer versions also gives us the ability to conveniently encrypt data and store them in the memory of the device. Before doing so, it is important to bear in mind the consequences of improving safety. Data encryption, however, will only apply to data that is on the device and will not apply to data that is on the memory card, they will continue to be compromised. The disadvantage is that there is no chance to quickly enable or disable data encryption. In fact, it may take some time and that is why it may be limiting our ability to act.

Protection against attack

Files on the memory card

If valuable files are on the memory card, we will not be completely unprotected. It is also possible to use free programs that give us a chance to encrypt your data. However, it is worth choosing a program that has prepared paid options, because most often the encryption with it will be better and the data will be more effectively secured. These programs in Google's store are not lacking and it will be worthwhile to use the possibilities that are available to effectively secure your data and ensure that nothing happens.

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