CPU - AMD or Intel - what to choose?

Intel or AMD - which of these processors will be better and which has better performance, and which has a better value for money? On Internet forums and discussion groups, the division into Intel and AMD supporters and, of course, each group is right, but the truth lies somewhere in between. If you are wondering what processor is best for you, we invite you to read the article.

It is worth knowing that the Intel and AMD processors discussed today have long been the most popular processors used in our computers. Among the users we will find enthusiastic supporters of Intel and those who think that AMD processors do better. We explain how it really is and which processor brand works better in different applications.

Processor and usage

The choice of the correct processor should be adapted to the way in which the computer will be used. It is therefore necessary to determine in which applications the processor will be used. In the case of a home computer processor, its computing power and parameters should not be low, but you do not need to aim at the most efficient top-of-the-range processors. An individual user, who uses a computer hobbyistically and uses it to browse the Internet and multimedia, will be satisfied with a mid-range processor. As far as the Intel brand is concerned, it can be one of the Intel Core i3 or i5 processors, and in the case of the AMD brand, the Ryzen 3 processor. In the case of an office computer processor, a lot depends on the specificity of your business. If you use a variety of programs, multimedia and applications on your computer, it's better to choose a processor similar in class to your home computer, but if you only use computers in the office for simple work on text documents, it's better to choose a cheaper layout, such as Intel Core i3, Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon X4 or FX-Series. On the other hand, a gaming computer processor cannot compromise and there is no question of average parameters. If your computer is to cope with the latest games, as well as be an exaggerated device, it must be equipped with a good quality processor with high computing power, such as Intel Core i5, i7, and even i9 or AMD Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7.

AMD processors

AMD offers a wide variety of processor models. Among the brand's devices we can find both processors dedicated to simple applications, as well as those extremely efficient. Simple AMD processors work well where there is no need for advanced graphics and high performance. They are therefore ideal for office, study or home computer work, which is used to watch movies and browse the Internet. High-end AMD processors are great for graphics, design and gaming.

Intel processors

For a long time they were perceived as the best for demanding activities and games. Currently, they have a lot of competition among AMD Ryzen processors, which means that the Intel brand offers a lot of changes and newer and more efficient proposals are coming out. Although the Intel brand range includes chipsets as powerful as Intel Core i9, Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium processors are still on sale. These constructions are also used in ready-made PCs with a basic purpose, but for more serious activities it is worth choosing a chip from the Intel Core family. What's more, the offer has been extended by efficient i9 systems.

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