Business data backup - secure solutions

The choice of backup type, or backup type, depends primarily on the type, value and size of business data. Files that weigh a lot and cannot fall into the wrong hands should be stored on company servers without an Internet connection. Less important data, but access to which, in the event of a breakdown, must be possible from anywhere in the world, it is recommended to archive online, in the cloud.

Backing up is extremely important in today's world. Computers are constantly exposed to both viruses and external factors, which may damage or destroy the data contained therein. Properly performed data backup is a guarantee of security and stability of the business.

Online backup

Online backup is currently a very popular solution. Thanks to it, it is possible to access files with virtually any device connected to the Internet. Free cloud storage is offered, among others, by the biggest giants of the electronics industry - Google, Apple or Microsoft. However, it is not a professional and completely safe solution for companies. Companies that decide to create backup copies on the Internet should invest in a private server that can be properly secured and configured. Unfortunately, this is quite an expensive solution, so in the case of small businesses we recommend VPS servers. These are virtualized dedicated machines (one server, divided virtually into several smaller ones). Thanks to this solution, in the case of smaller backups (VPS offers less disk space), you save money while maintaining a high level of security.

Local data backup

NAS (Network Attached Storage) or local server rooms are a very good solution, especially for security reasons. Due to the fact that they are usually not connected to the Internet, they are not threatened with hacking attacks or viruses. They operate exclusively within local networks and make back-up copies on an ongoing basis. Their advantage is also a disadvantage, because due to the lack of Internet access, files can only be recovered by connecting locally to the server network. It is worth remembering that some NAS memories or server machines are also physically protected against catastrophic failures. More expensive models can survive up to half an hour of fire or a few days' immersion in water, for example.

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