An overview of the most popular programs facilitating the recovery of a stolen phone

Theft or loss of a phone can be a big problem, especially when the device was expensive and, what's worse, the data was important for us there. Fortunately, we now have such a possibility that we will no longer be standing on the lost position. It is best to think about security at an early stage, immediately after buying a phone.

On the Internet we have a rich set of programs that make it easier to find a stolen or broken cell. As a rule, they offer several functions. There will be, among other things, the possibility of tracking the device with the help of GPS, sending a notification about a change of SIM card or blocking and deleting confidential data remotely. However, such programmes are most often paid for. However, it is worth considering whether the data we have there will not be more valuable for us than the fee for such a program.

1) Anti-Thief

Commercial program, which is designed for owners of smartphones with Symbian system. This is the equipment that will inform you when your SIM card is replaced. In addition, you can also trigger a loud alarm and there will also be an opportunity to eavesdrop on the thief.

2. mGuard

This is a program that will be free and runs on the Java platform. It has a small number of features and will not require GPRS or GPS module support. The program sends notifications that the Sim card in the phone was replaced in the device. The advantage will be that it is a negligible load on the processor and a potential thief will not notice it.

3. Phone Guardian

Commercial program, which is designed for devices with Symbian system. Many functions make the program work well. Is able to block the phone after receiving an appropriate SMS. The cell can also be deactivated when the Sim card is replaced. In addition, there is an application that will emit a loud sound when one of the events blocking the phone occurs.

GPS Tracking

4. RecoveryCop

RecoveryCop is an application that advertises itself as a nightmare of cell thieves. And indeed there are a large number of different security options. However, a high price will be such an element limiting availability for some. The program emits an alarm, notifies about SIM card replacement, registers SMS that are sent from such a device. You can also eavesdropping equipment. The program also has a GPS monitoring function.

5. Remote Tracker

This is a free program that allows you to locate a stolen phone with Windows Mobile. The application will use a GPS receiver, so if the device does not have it, it will be the approximate location determined using the Open CellID system.

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