A set of the most popular programs helping to recover a stolen phone

Theft or loss of a phone can be a tragedy, especially when our equipment was expensive and at the same time we had valuable data there. Fortunately, we are not in a lost position right away. However, it is worthwhile to think in advance about how to protect oneself properly.

Phone tracking - programs

We have a variety of programs on the web, which make it easier to find a broken cell. They offer several interesting functions. Among other things, they perform tracking with a GPS device or sending notifications about SIM card replacement, phone blocking or remote deletion of data. Such programmes are usually paid for. It is worth considering whether data on the phone is more important than the cost of such an application.

1) Anti-Thief

The program, which will be designed for owners of smartphones with Symbian system. Notifies the user about SIM card replacement, eavesdropping on the thief or alarm activation. The operation of the application is invisible to the person who committed the theft.

2. mGuard

It is a free program for owners of phones that run on the Java platform. However, there are few of these functions here and this can sometimes be a problem for the user. At the same time, the hardware will not be overloaded and the application will probably not be noticed by the thief.

Phone tracking

3. Phone Guardian

This is a commercial program for Symbian devices. A rich set of functions, the program gives you the ability to block the phone after receiving an SMS. Deactivation may occur after the replacement of the Sim penalty. In addition, the application gives a loud sound when there is an event that is to block the device.

4. RecoveryCop

RecoveryCop is an application that advertises itself as a trauma for thieves. And indeed it can be said that the number of these different options that appear there are many. However, the application is expensive, because you have to spend as much as $30 on it. The program emits an alarm, notifies about SIM card replacement, registers SMS, eavesdrops. Such a thing as monitoring with a GPS receiver will also be possible. Of course, the program also has such a function.

5. Remote Tracker

We have already described a free program that allows you to locate a stolen phone with Windows Mobile operating system. The application uses a GPS receiver, and if the device does not have it in the approximate location determined by OPenCeLLID.

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