4 applications for tracking the phone on Android

You may also be one of those who have lost their mobile phone. Multimedia smartphones, which cost a lot of money, very often fall victim to theft. So for sure, owners of these devices will benefit from some information about how to find them quickly after they are lost or even worse after theft.

Lost your phone - time matters

If we are unlucky, the thief of our phone will turn out to be someone who knows perfectly well what WIPE is. It is a program that deletes all applications that are on your phone. It also erases those applications that we have hidden deeply in case a similar situation happens to us. Of course, we don't have to check every now and then whether your phone is still in your pocket or in your handbag, but if we find that it disappears, we have to act extremely quickly.

How does the phone tracking application work?

The history of effective and advanced applications for Android, which allow you to track your lost phone starts with the program "Where`s My Droid". In a nutshell, this program gave you the ability to locate your phone thanks to Google Maps. This program even allowed you to locate a phone without a GPS transmitter. Over time, another option has been added, which allowed to locate the phone remotely through the application developer's website. Over the last few years, the most important assumptions have not changed. Here are some of the most interesting applications.

Where`s My Droid

The free version only allows you to locate your smartphone at short distances, it is based on GPS data. However, if we register on the manufacturer's website, we will also receive a phone management panel. Much more possibilities are available in the PRO version. Thanks to it, we can remotely clear the phone from the data stored in it.

Lost phone

Android Lost Free

Its advantage is that it is available free of charge. It has not only a standard function, i.e. with the use of GPS data, but also several additional options, including the option of call forwarding. Kaspersky

Mobile Security

A very powerful application that protects against spam, viruses and spyware.

Sim Tracker

This is an extremely weak program. Locates the phone using WiFi and GPS data.

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